Sodiqjon's Footstool


Made By: Sodiqjon Amonov
Artisan Location: Kanibadam, Tajikistan

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With over ninety percent of the country covered in mountains, wood is a particularly celebrated resource in Tajikistan. A Tajik's family’s wooden collection reflects its status in society. Sodiqjan, a fourth-generation wood carver, and his family have created this piece to reflect the highest craft tradition of their country. While Sodiqjon carves and joins the wood, his wife and mother-in-law hand-stitch the top pillow, which is covered in a brightly colored ikat fabric.

Size: 13"H x 14"W


About the Artisan

Sodiqjon Amonov
Sodiqjon Amonov

Name: Sodiqjon Amonov
Location: Kanibadam, Tajikistan

Sodiqjon works with great focus and a sense of urgency. He is not only Tajikistan’s most celebrated “kandakors,” or woodcarver, he is also the country’s most respected teacher of the craft. As a fourth-generation artisan - in a field at risk of extinction, Sodiqjon works hard to ensure that the tradition not only continues but will thrive in the future. In recognition of his of talent and the outstanding quality of his products, UNESCO awarded Sodiqjon its Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts in 2007. He is proud of this achievement and cannot wait to share his talents and those of his students with you.